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Total Gym GTS System:

Fit City San Diego 
features the Total Gym GTS, a bodyweight driven system with more than 200 exercises designed to build muscular strength and endurance, enhance balance and stability, and challenge your core. Since the machine uses your bodyweight for resistance, you simply reduce the angle of the glide board to lower the resistance, or raise the glide board to increase it. Accessories include squat platform, drop-down pull-up bars, and pushup bar. The Total Gym GTS is safe and easy to use, but also challenging at the highest resistance levels.


Our TRX wall is equipped with TRX Suspension Trainers and TRX Rip Trainers. Designed by former Navy Seal, Randy Hetrick, the TRX Suspension Trainer was born in the field and honed by one of Americ's toughest fighting forces. The TRX motto is ALL CORE, ALL THE TIME, and it's not just a catchy slogan. It is impossible to perform exercises on the TRX without a strong plank and engaged core. Our owner, Mark Cohen, is a certified TRX instructor, with advanced qualifications in Sports Medicine and Tactical Force training. He will guide you to obtain the maximum benefits from this amazing fitness tool. 

The TRX Rip Trainer, created by former USA National Tae Kwon Do champion Pete Holman, is all about rotational strength. This is an often ignored aspect of fitness that is critical for maintaining stability and increasing power.  The Rip Trainer employs the concept of asymmetrical loading, which simply means the resistance (cord) is on one side only. In order to keep the bar level during an exercise, you must engage your core to resist the lopsided force. The positive impact on core strength is immediately apparent. This effect is enhanced by using a slow pattern of movement on some exercises, and explosive power on others. Our TRX Rip Blast workout combines the TRX Suspension Trainer and Rip Trainer in an intense, 50-minute full-body workout. TRX equipment is easily customized for any fitness level, so the workout is appropriate for everyone.

Hyperwear SandBells:

At Fit City San Diego we believe in challenging your mind and body with versatile fitness tools and workouts. So, rather than stock traditional barbells and dumbbells, we have a wide range of SandBells. As the name implies, SandBells are neoprene disks filled with various amounts of sand. Unlike a bar that is solid, the interior of a SandBell is always moving and shifting. Hence, every movement challenges your grip strength, and engages supporting muscles and ligaments. It is functional training at its best, and we use SandBells in a variety of core, lower body, and upper body exercises.  Feeling a little stressed? We have the solution: Ten squats, presses and slams with a heavy SandBell. Once your breathing slows down, you'll be purring like a kitten. 

Schwinn AC Sport Carbon Blue: 

All of our workouts challenge your muscular and cardiovascular endurance. But, when it comes to focused cardio, it's hard to beat indoor cycling. Fit City San Diego is proud to feature Schwinn AC Sport Carbon Blue cycles. Equipped with a 38-pound flywheel, carbon fiber belt instead of a chain, and magnetic resistance, the AC Sport delivers an authentic cycling experience. Every bike is also equipped with the M-Power Echelon computer. Compatible with Ant + and Polar heart rate monitors, the Echelon provides full ride feedback including cadence (RPM), Watts, Distance, Speed, and Calories Burned.

Focusmaster G-1000:

Designed by boxers and mixed martial artists, the G-1000 is an adjustable, wall-mounted boxing station with unlimited possibilities for punching and kicking targets. Targets include straight-on for jabs and crosses, focus pads for hooks and kicks, and torso pads for punches and kicks. The G-1000 is the centerpiece for our new Kickboxing Circuit class. This exciting 30-minute interval workout combines rounds of boxing with floor exercises to challenge your strength, endurance, timing, and mobility. Every punch and kick demands full core activation, so the reward is a leaner, harder, stronger body. 

Bulgarian Bags (Coming Soon!):

Strength training is at its best when it engages multiple muscle groups. Exercises that combine powerful lower-body and upper-body movements are the most productive. And, when those movements employ irregular objects, the benefits are even more dramatic. Fit City San Diego is excited to bring you a new full-body workout featuring the Bulgarian Bag. Designed by legendary Greco Roman wrestler and coach, Ivan Ivanov, the Bulgarian Bag is an effective tool for world class wrestlers and recreational athletes alike. The "swing" is the foundation exercise of the workout, but the shape of the Bulgarian Bag lends itself to a wide range of traditional movements. In today's fitness world of expensive, high-tech machines and electronics, the simple, natural alternatives still lead the way. Check back soon for more information on our Bulgarian Bag workout.









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