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Mark Cohen
Mark Cohen
Tuesday, November 17, 2015 12:59 AM

30 Day Weight Loss Challenge

You know it's coming - holiday meals, company parties, tins of Christmas cookies. You can't stop the temptations, but with a commitment to regular workouts and a sensible diet, you can survive the onslaught and get ready to ring in the New Year in style and in shape.

Last week we announced the Fall Back Sale: 10 classes for $99. The sale ends at midnight on November 19th, but you can buy as many packages as you like, with a full year to use them.

Here's an idea.... buy two packages, and then sign up for our 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge. You'll have enough class credits to work out 3 times a week between now and New Years. And, you just might win a bundle of cash.

The 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge begins November 20th and runs until December 19th. All you need to do is top by the gym between now and November 20th, step on the scale and drop $10 in the pot. Stop in again after December 19th, but no later than December 22nd for your final weigh-in. I'll tabulate everyone's percentage of weight loss, and the winner gets the pot. And, to make it more interesting, I'll seed the prize money with $50.

Don't delay. Take advantage of the Fall Back Sale before it expires on November 20th, and start sweating off those extra pounds.

Someone has to win, why not you?

Mark Cohen
Mark Cohen
Sunday, November 8, 2015 5:11 AM

FALL BACK SALE: For a limited time only 10 Classes for $99

Every year on the first Sunday in November, we turn the clocks back one hour. Seems innocent enough. After all, what's 60 minutes out of 1440?

But, every year, that little hour turns our lives upside down. The next morning we're excited about getting an extra hour of sleep, but our body still thinks it's one hour later, so we get up anyway. And, how about that first evening when you get home from work and it's already dark? Instead of heading out for a run or a workout at the gym, we start winding down for the evening. Make dinner, watch a little TV, go to bed. It's dark, so we must be tired.

Well, I can't do anything about changing the clocks, but I can give you 99 reasons for venturing out into the darkness and going to the gym. For a limited time only, you can buy 10 Fit City San Diego classes for just $99. That's less than $10 a class. Buy as many $99 packages as you like, but don't wait. The Fall Back Sale ends at midnight on November 19th.

Special Note: Fall Back Sale extended through the month of November.

Here's another reason to take advantage of this special offer. On November 15th, I'll announce the details for the First Annual Fit City San Diego 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge.

The contest will run from November 20th to December 19th. It's our way of helping you stay lean and mean for the holidays, and win a bundle of cash for your efforts. Watch your inbox on November 15th for all the details.

In the meantime, take advantage of our Fall Back Sale and stockpile your class credits. Remember, all Fit City San Diego class packages have a 1-year expiration date, so you can save all year long!


Mark Cohen
Mark Cohen
Monday, May 4, 2015 9:08 AM

Kickboxing Intervals

We love all our classes, but Kickboxing Intervals offer a few unique bonuses.

1) Stress Release: Hitting something that doesn't hit back is a liberating stress buster. After a brief learning period where your muscle memory adapts to the punching pattern, you'll discover previously untapped sources of speed and power.

2) Anaerobic Conditioning: High-intensity, short duration bursts of exercise train your cardiovascular system to operate without the presence of oxygen (anaerobic). Kickboxing Intervals combine anaerobic and aerobic exercise into one workout. This helps you build a stronger, more adaptable cardiovascular system.

3) Coordination: We love all forms of exercise for their physical and emotional benefits. If you can workout your brain at the same time, it is a perfect storm. Learning punching and kicking patterns improves your timing, reflexes, and coordination. 

4) Unmatched Core Workout: Coiling up and releasing a punch while maintaining balance engages your core with powerful bursts of compression. Regular kickboxing will tone your midsection and develop lean muscle.

5) Big-time Calorie Burn: We all burn calories at a different rate. Your burn rate is influenced by age, gender, and weight, but mostly by effort. You can say goodbye to 350-450 calories in our 35-minute Kickboxing Intervals workout. 

Mark Cohen
Mark Cohen
Saturday, April 25, 2015 1:46 AM

Kickboxing Intervals

The centerpiece of our new Kickboxing Intervals class (beginning in early May), is the G-1000 boxing station from Focusmaster. The class will use 4 different stations, each one configured with a different arrangement of pads for punching and kicking. In between "rounds" of kickboxing, you will complete various bodyweight and plyometric floor exercises. Enhancing the class is our new plyometric rubber floor (to be installed this weekend). The class is approximately 35 minutes long, consisting of a warm-up, 4 6-minute intervals, and a cool down. The intervals are high-intensity and non-stop, each one followed by a 1-minute rest period. Six minutes may not sound like much, but you will appreciate the rest periods! Maximum calorie burn, intense cardio and strength workout, and a lean, hard body in just over a half hour. You'll love it!

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