30 Day Weight Loss Challenge

You know it's coming - holiday meals, company parties, tins of Christmas cookies. You can't stop the temptations, but with a commitment to regular workouts and a sensible diet, you can survive the onslaught and get ready to ring in the New Year in style and in shape.

Last week we announced the Fall Back Sale: 10 classes for $99. The sale ends at midnight on November 19th, but you can buy as many packages as you like, with a full year to use them.

Here's an idea.... buy two packages, and then sign up for our 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge. You'll have enough class credits to work out 3 times a week between now and New Years. And, you just might win a bundle of cash.

The 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge begins November 20th and runs until December 19th. All you need to do is top by the gym between now and November 20th, step on the scale and drop $10 in the pot. Stop in again after December 19th, but no later than December 22nd for your final weigh-in. I'll tabulate everyone's percentage of weight loss, and the winner gets the pot. And, to make it more interesting, I'll seed the prize money with $50.

Don't delay. Take advantage of the Fall Back Sale before it expires on November 20th, and start sweating off those extra pounds.

Someone has to win, why not you?