Kickboxing Intervals

We love all our classes, but Kickboxing Intervals offer a few unique bonuses.

1) Stress Release: Hitting something that doesn't hit back is a liberating stress buster. After a brief learning period where your muscle memory adapts to the punching pattern, you'll discover previously untapped sources of speed and power.

2) Anaerobic Conditioning: High-intensity, short duration bursts of exercise train your cardiovascular system to operate without the presence of oxygen (anaerobic). Kickboxing Intervals combine anaerobic and aerobic exercise into one workout. This helps you build a stronger, more adaptable cardiovascular system.

3) Coordination: We love all forms of exercise for their physical and emotional benefits. If you can workout your brain at the same time, it is a perfect storm. Learning punching and kicking patterns improves your timing, reflexes, and coordination. 

4) Unmatched Core Workout: Coiling up and releasing a punch while maintaining balance engages your core with powerful bursts of compression. Regular kickboxing will tone your midsection and develop lean muscle.

5) Big-time Calorie Burn: We all burn calories at a different rate. Your burn rate is influenced by age, gender, and weight, but mostly by effort. You can say goodbye to 350-450 calories in our 35-minute Kickboxing Intervals workout.