Kickboxing Intervals

The centerpiece of our new Kickboxing Intervals class (beginning in early May), is the G-1000 boxing station from Focusmaster. The class will use 4 different stations, each one configured with a different arrangement of pads for punching and kicking. In between "rounds" of kickboxing, you will complete various bodyweight and plyometric floor exercises. Enhancing the class is our new plyometric rubber floor (to be installed this weekend). The class is approximately 35 minutes long, consisting of a warm-up, 4 6-minute intervals, and a cool down. The intervals are high-intensity and non-stop, each one followed by a 1-minute rest period. Six minutes may not sound like much, but you will appreciate the rest periods! Maximum calorie burn, intense cardio and strength workout, and a lean, hard body in just over a half hour. You'll love it!