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Fit City San Diego is a strength and cardio, small group gym with a twist. No, really, a TWIST. Life exists in multiple planes of motion, and we believe your workout should do the same. Our workouts challenge your cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, and rotational strength. You're probably familiar with the first two, but what is rotational strength?

Actually, you use it every time you squat, twist, and lower yourself into your car. On an airplane, you use rotational strength when you stand in front of your seat, twist and reach the overhead compartment behind you. Around the house, you depend on rotational strength to reach into the far corner of a cabinet, or load the washing machine, or slide open that screen door that is in desperate need of some WD-40.

We use a wide variety of equipment to challenge your rotational strength, including the Total Gym GTS, TRX Suspension Trainer, TRX Rip Trainer, Focusmaster G-1000, and SandBells. Our newest addition, the Bulgarian Bag, is on the way. It is the secret training weapon of wrestlers around the world. If it's good enough to counter a double-leg takedown, it's more than capable of improving your rotational strength.

Of course, we also give you a heart-thumping cardio workout on our Schwinn AC Sport Carbon Blue bikes, and we love to create intervals using all of our equipment. It all adds up to variety that will challenge you and make you stronger in every way. 

This is just a brief introduction to grab your attention. Check out the Equipment and Class pages for more detailed descriptions of how we put everything together.


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